Purchasing a Convertible Sofa Bed

ada convertible

Deciding on purchasing convertible sofa beds? The latest trend seen in furniture stores throughout the country is the innovative convertible sofa. This is a hybrid furniture piece which looks like a couch but converts to a bed with ease. The ability to transform a product from one function to another is not only cool and appealing, it also happens to be the perfect solution for many consumers. With many homes . . .{read more}

Medina Convertible Sofa Review

medina convertible sofa

The Medina Convertible Sofa Bed is a refreshing alternative to conventional futons of the past. A true chameleon, the Medina appears to be a contemporary, stylish couch. There is no futon frame to belie the fact that the it is actually a click-clack sofa bed which transforms into an occasional sleeper. Easy to operate, this convertible sofa effortlessly converts from a sofa into a bed with one quick push of . . .{read more}