The History of SIS Covers

sis covers

Consumers starting to shop for their own futon covers will no doubt come across this name…SIS Covers. They have been around for a long time and well known in the futon industry and also bedding industry. They offer beautiful textiles for covers, bedding, and even drapes. If you want to purchase these covers, you can find them at Futon creations. Otherwise, here’s some history on them below.

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Add Some Spice with Futon Covers Patterns

floral cover

Futon Covers come in many different patterns to suit your taste. This is a main aspect of using futon covers as it allows you to quickly change the way your room looks quite easily. Retailers usually offer covers in many categories and specific themes. I will talk about some of these choices here.

Contemporary Futon Covers

Contemporary futon covers are very popular and offer a modern style for your home. . . .{read more}

Using Futon Covers for Decorating Your Room

Urbanite Midnight futon cover

Purchasing a selection of futon covers in multiple styles is definitely the cheapest way to improve decoration possibilities for your room. When you are tired of looking at the same old furniture in you home, instead of buying new furniture, you can simply purchase some new futon cover patterns and change the whole look of the room.

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What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover?

A futon cover is used to protect your futon mattress from any spills or stains. It is a great investment for most people because considering the cost of the mattress; it’s a small price for the peace of mind. The futon cover is actually made like a casing with a zipper which runs along 3 sides of the mattress. This allows you to easily slide on the cover on the . . .{read more}