Futon in a Box – All in One Solution?

While I was out shopping this weekend, I came across a futon on sale at a big merchant store. I couldn’t believe the price. They were offering the entire futon set for just $169. That’s right…$169 for the frame and a futon mattress with a sewn on cover which comes in a single box.

There was a floor model so I gave it a try to see how it feels. I already liked the stylish cover it came with but want to make sure the mattress feels okay. When I started to lay down, the frame shifted and became off balance from my weight. I had to shift my body to the middle to keep the bed level.

Not a good start but I proceeded to lay there for a few minutes. I noticed I could feel some discomfort though my entire back like I was laying on something hard. I flipped up the mattress and found the problem to be the mattress support deck. It was made of metal with tubular bars which runs across to support the mattress. With the futon mattress already being thin, these bars didn’t help at all for comfort.

Well the price can’t be beat and I like the idea of having to deal with only one box so I can fit it in my car easier. The problem is by making everything being able to fit in one box, the mattress is much thinner than normal, the frame is in many pieces so you can assemble it at home, and the overall feel of the frame is flimsy.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if you’re looking for a futon that only gets use twice a year. Perhaps have a small child take naps on it since they don’t weigh much. For me, I think I will stay away from the Futon-in-a Box idea.