Futon Sofa – The 3 Components

When shopping for your futon sofa, it’s important to understand the 3 components that make up the furniture piece. The futon frame, futon mattress, and futon cover all work together to create the perfect sleep solution. Taking some time to choose the right components will result in getting something you will be happy with for many years to come.

The Futon Sofa Frame

The futon frame is the underlying structure . . .{read more}

Futon in a Box – All in One Solution?

While I was out shopping this weekend, I came across a futon on sale at a big merchant store. I couldn’t believe the price. They were offering the entire futon set for just $169. That’s right…$169 for the frame and a futon mattress with a sewn on cover which comes in a single box.

There was a floor model so I gave it a try to see how it feels. . . .{read more}

Shopping for a Futon Frame?

Havana futon frame

So you’re thinking of buying a futon for the next visit from your relatives. At first thought, you figure this will be an easy task as how many options can there actually be? You think back on all the futon frames you’ve seen in the past such as those in your college dorm or your neighbor’s guest house and remember they pretty much all look the same.

On a rainy . . .{read more}