Add Some Spice with Futon Covers Patterns

Futon Covers come in many different patterns to suit your taste. This is a main aspect of using futon covers as it allows you to quickly change the way your room looks quite easily. Retailers usually offer covers in many categories and specific themes. I will talk about some of these choices here.

Contemporary Futon Covers

Contemporary futon covers are very popular and offer a modern style for your home. These patterns feature abstract art, geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and cool designs. It will be good to take a look around your room and see how you’re currently decorating your room. The color of your walls, rug, and wall art can all be used as a guide to which type of futon cover you choose. You can play off their colors and choose a cover that nicely complements the rest of the room. The style of your futon frame may also be use to determine if you go with a contemporary cover or something more traditional.

Floral Futon Covers

Floral futon covers offers patterns featuring flowers, foliage, leaves, and tropical plants. You can get a good variety of colors spread out all over the cover. Usually there is a main color background combined with layers of different color patterns of leaves and flower designs to create a wonderful  palette. These covers can be used in both a traditional or modern room setting. They are especially great for creating a tropical or floral theme for your room.

Solid Futon Covers

If you are looking for a single color to go with your room, consider a solid color futon cover. With no patterns of other colors implemented, a solid futon cover can provide the perfect contrast for the room or act to enhance your room’s colors. Some people don’t like pattern covers and prefer a simple clean look. Solid futon covers are often found in the economy price category using twill fabric and more sophisticated materials such as microfiber, chenille, and leather at higher price points. Solid covers are a great option for those who find pattern covers too busy for their taste.

Which Type of Cover to Choose?

Choosing the right futon cover is purely subjective and ultimately due to your personal taste. Have fun with it and play with different patterns and colors by having several covers at home to choose from. You can rotate them through the seasons and enjoy the benefits of having new colors for your room quickly and easily!